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Hey Nutters,
So a few months ago I decided it was time to update the Squirrel Logistics Website.
This means that
  1. There will be a whole new updated look for the VTC
  2. Smooth Runnings. The update will use new / improved coding to make loading of the website much faster.
  3. Stylish looks.

Along with other changes / updates there will also be new features.
  1. Theory Tests. These will not be required to drive for us but will show on your profile and earn you extra nuts per job.
  2. All new Shop. The old shop will be closed down and a new one built in its place. This will allow you to spend those hard earned NUTS.
  3. All new Dashboard. The new dashboard will be easier to navigate and find the things that you need.
  4. Updated Signatures. The current signatures that you can use on forums and websits are... Well, A little out dated. So we are updating them. (See preview below)

There are many more changes that I will be making.
These changes however will take time as I am a one man band working alone. With my Twitch streaming and day to day life, coding this HUGE update will take a little while.

More updates to come soon.
That is all for now.
Keep on Truckin'


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Server Name   Game   Player / Limit   Load   Speed Limited   Online
Europe 1 ETS2 97 / 2300 4% Yes Yes
United States ETS2 17 / 1500 1% No Yes
Europe 2 ETS2 1461 / 3500 42% No Yes
Europe 3 ETS2 135 / 2300 6% No Yes
South America ETS2 207 / 1500 14% No Yes
Europe 4 ETS2 61 / 2500 2% No Yes
Europe 2 ATS 16 / 2000 1% No Yes
United States ATS 366 / 1500 24% No Yes
Hong Kong ETS2 0 / 500 0% No No
Experimental ETS2 0 / 2000 0% Yes Yes
Europe 5 ETS2 0 / 2300 0% No No

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